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  • Project Kickoff Date Fall 2013
  • Project Manager Ian Berry

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Small Business Development

Mission: The mission of the small business development project is to give participants within the project the opportunity to gain real world experience interacting with business owners and to expose them to the process of critically solving challenges within a business.

Audience: This project is for anyone who is looking to develop their analytical skills. This project is also a great fit for people who would like the opportunity to gain experience in the world of consulting. We offer opportunities in marketing, finance, management and MIS. These are just a few areas that we address within the project.

What we do: We work with small businesses in the Athens area. They seek our guidance with certain tasks or in areas they are looking to improve upon. For instance, we assist businesses with developing marketing strategies, industry analysis, business plan creation as well as other aspects of their business.

Topics presented:
At our meetings we discuss the most effective strategy to address the pertinent issues at hand for the businesses we are working with. This process allows participants to collaborate with fellow members to collectively formulate the best solution for each individual business dilemma. We also work on our projects and specific tasks during our meetings, in which each person volunteers for a specific portion of the project, which best suits their individual talents and interests.

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