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  • Project Kickoff Date Fall 2013
  • Project Manager Michael Bouchard, Carolina Diaz, Brittany Dunn, Viet Pham

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Casa de Amistad

Mission: To lend our expertise to the impoverished Hispanic community in providing a lesson series on money management.

Audience: Immigrant families registered through Casa de Amistad, a social services organization in Commerce, GA.

What we do: Our team makes trips to the Casa de Amistad classrooms where we try to spread awareness of our project and see what needs the families would specifically like to address. Once we get a couple more families signed up, we will then get our very own classrooms to start teaching!

Topics presented:

  • Basics of Money Management
  • How to use Coupons Effectively
  • Shopping for the Best Deals

UGA Enactus Advisory

Mission: To empower the local Athens community by improving financial literacy.

Audience: Students at the University of Georgia

What we do: We host one hour financial seminars in one of the Dawkins computer labs. A good chance to learn real world skills and get some excel experience!

Topics presented:

  • Basics of Budgeting
  • Understanding Credit Report
  • Saving & Investing Basics
  • Saving for Retirement

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